Atavus Camps – CWU and Rutgers

Colgate is proud to send representatives to talk to upcoming Men’s and Women’s HS players in collaboration with Atavus and Ruggers Edge at the Ellensburg (CWU) and Rutgers camps this month! Please look around our site, in particular the Recruiting section, download our brochure at, fill out a recruiting profile so we can contact you, and look at Colgate’s website at for more information! We look forward to seeing you on campus for a visit!

Colgate Women’s Rugby 2016 Update

Hello Colgate Women’s Rugby Fans!

CWRFC has had a fantastic year! Here’s what we’ve been up to:

Fall 2015 was a great success for our team. We were undefeated in our league and advanced to the NSCRO National Championship, where we came second in the nation!

We continued our success into the spring season with the UNYCRC 7’s Tournament (April 9-10), finishing 3rd out of 7 teams. Our rookies and vets were incredible and have set the stage for a great season of 15s this fall. Go ‘Gate!

We are now members of the Upstate New York Collegiate Conference (UNYCC) in the NSCRO division. We will compete against other small colleges for the NSCRO national title! Check out the conference website at

Our very own Ciara Pettinos ’17 and Maggie Nelsen ’18 are competing in NSCROs Seven’s Select Side for the CRC Tournament in Philadelphia, June 1-5. Congratulations Ciara and Maggie, we are so proud of you!

We are looking forward to a strong 2016 fall season! Thank you for your continued support and we will see you on the pitch!

Win Against Hamilton

October 18th, 2015– Academy Field, Colgate University

Colgate Women’s Rugby competed against Hamilton College on October 18th at 1pm. The starting line-up was as follows:

1- Kendra Peeples -C

2- McKenna Valley

3- Susan Price

4- Katrina Gross

5- Kelly Baxendell

6- Erica Hiddink

7- Tia Cervarich

8- Ciara Pettinos

9- Maggie Nelsen

10- Kate Hardock -C

11- Sophie Louaillier

12- Meghan Pane

13- Aurelia Cassarubias

14- Nat Smith

15- Regina Pimentel

Subs: Julia Yarrington-C, Cat Berry, Kat Duvall and Justine Lely

It was a cold and fateful morning when the Colgate Women’s Ruggers arrived at the pitch. What started as a pleasant glitter of snowflakes falling onto the pitch soon became a horrific and freezing blizzard, that forced the team to have a Monty Python moment (reminiscent of when the “knights” face the deadly white bunny… anyone get the reference? anyone?), retreating back to the tent for safety and a cuddle/team maul. Fortunately, the Colgate ruggers were able to make a rapid return to the pitch once mother nature decided to stop vomiting snow on the pitch on this fine October day. The women’s ruggers were feeling *~*fun, flirty, and fierce*~* heading into the game. Unfortunately, this writer’s knee decided to go awol and pop right out of its little socket again (it’s okay, Lee fixed my knee with tape as well as with his dashing good looks), so we had to shake up the lineup a bit. On the bright side Kelly Baxendell saved the day and had her A-side debut for the first half of the game at lock, a position she assumed, with what some might call, the force of the cheetah. The game started off well with a try, only to slip into peril when Hamilton decided to ramp up the intensity and score several tries. Let’s just say that we like to keep games interesting and close, because this game felt eerily similar to several others this season, when we have had to make quite a comeback. Nevertheless, we had some beautiful runs up the pitch, in particular by Maggie Nelsen, Nat, Texas, and wow I was going to keep listing a bunch of people but it was the majority of the team who had great runs so hats off to all y’all. Meg Pane also experienced the line for the first time, and had some gorgeous punches through their measly little defenders. In addition, although the scrums felt indescribably uncomfortable (nothing new really), we dominated Hamilton and consistently were able to gain significant yardage on their put-ins. The game had a final score of 28-17.

People to thank: The lamb for getting all of the hot chocolate and keeping us warm with that and her sunny disposition. All of the juniors for the best posters/presents your seniors could ask for. Lee because yeah. Mr. Baxendell who apparently brought lots of treats. That man in the long wool coat with the Burberry scarf who looked dapper AF and I still don’t know who he belongs to (someone claim him, he was v v v well dressed for a parent). Anne-Marie and Beebe for being our coaches. Clara for still being of sound mind after we have corrupted you all of these years. Going to go for a little bit of a self-five here and say THE SENIORS because ya love us even when you hate us and this team is our life.

Things of note: The Holy Smokes potatoes. Don’t act like you weren’t super impressed. The number of fans we had even on a super gross day! My toes regaining feeling. The fact the Meg and Kate may have kissed and I don’t mean properly pulled off the play if ya know what I am saying (ooooh didn’t think you’d be called out). My mom’s really weird hat that she wore. Chapman as touch judge. Magoo for coming to the game in her crippled state. Dean Brown’s fur clad hood on his jacket (I think he became a sherpa in the middle of the match for a hot sec). The not even slightly casual nug chant that happened post-game. The fact that THERE AIN’T NO MOUNTAIN AND WE ARE STILL UNDEFEATED!!!!!!!!!!!!

With (you on & off the pitch) love, icy hot patches, thoughts of Meg’s corgis, and dreams of going to the sauna tomorrow instead of taking midterms,