Win Against Oneonta

September 5th, 2015– Academy Field, Colgate University

Colgate Women’s Rugby competed against SUNY Oneonta on September 5th at 1pm. The starting line-up was as follows:

1- Kendra Peeples -C

2- Julia Yarrington -C

3- Susan Price

4- Jess Schoen

5- Meghan Pane

6- Erica Hiddink

7- McKenna Valley

8- Ciara Pettinos

9- Tia Cervarich

10- Kate Hardock -C

11- Sophie Louaillier

12- Alex Maulden

13- Aurelia Cassarubias

14- Nat Smith

15- Regina Pimentel

Subs: Rita Shehirian, Katrina Gross, and Justine Lely

The game had a final score of 15-0. Colgate scored 2 tries (by Erica and Nat), and Alex (“the lamb”) Maulden successfully made one conversion kick. Alex also kicked for points and successfully made that kick. There were several injuries on the pitch, including Nat and Sophie (who were initially thought to have concussions but have since been cleared), Regina (who injured her ankle but is okay and did not suffer any break), and Julia (who subluxed her kneecap again–when will dese biddies stop falling on my knee??– but is okay to play). Rita is still concussed maybe? We never really know. In addition, there was a serious injury to a woman from the other team, who appeared to have hurt her neck. Anne-Marie and members of the CWRFC reached out to Oneonta, and have been told that said player is doing fine and will not have any lasting consequences due to the injury. However, because of the severity of the injury, Oneonta chose to forfeit the game with 17 minutes left in the second half, leaving Colgate with a victory. The game went well, despite the fact that a dog, Licorice (really, they couldn’t think of anything better than that??) ran onto the pitch and halted play. Fortunately, the Colgate women’s ruggers are inventive AF and fashioned Licorice a ratchet leash made of price chopper grocery bags. Ultimately, the owner retrieved the dog, yet the dog seemingly wanted nothing to do with her. In addition, it was hot as hell and we were all incredibly dehydrated (so was Licorice). All of the women had great games, although of note were Erica Hiddink’s relentless forward punches that ultimately enabled her to score a try. In addition, the line effectively cleared the ball out to the side and the scrum did a phenomenal job in winning almost, if not all of the scrums in the game. Also of note- Beebe wore a sick shirt to the game (Abu Dhabi ruggers DGAF about being ironic and slightly offensive). Anyway, yayyy we won and are gearing up to go to Acton, Mass this weekend (the 12th and 13th) for a tourney/clinic.

Love & RIL,


The Waiting Game – Good luck everyone!

Application day has come and gone! We hope any lady ruggers, or any ladies who aspire to be ruggers, got their apps in by Jan 15 and have great luck getting accepted! Here’s an article about WHY Colgate has been voted the most beautiful campus in America to keep you going:

Did you apply? Did you already get in ED? Considering applying next year? Want more information? Make sure to fill out our Prospective Student form so Coach Lemal-Brown knows you’re out there and interested!



Playoff loss to UVM

Saturday, November 8th–Colgate Women’s Rugby vs. UVM

Because the Colgate Ruggers were excelsior league champions and undefeated (we never get tired of saying that :) ) The first round of playoffs was played at home vs. the University of Vermont team, who finished second in their league. UVM was also undefeated during the season and was given second place due to point differential. Two teams. Both accustomed to the sweet taste of victory–with no desire for their streak to end.

After a blustery and blizzardy Friday practice, both eyesight and numb hands hindering the ruggers playing ability, the Colgate Ruggers went to bed with high hopes for warmer temperatures and easier playing conditions for the match ahead. Oh were they in for a treat.

The sun rose above Colgate on Saturday morning to reveal a stunning winter wonderland–Colgate’s first real snow. Unfortunately, four feet of snow was less of a magical awakening for the rugby team and their coaches. The pitch was blanketed, not a 22 meter line in sight. So what did the Colgate ruggers do? Push the game back? Get a plow? Nope, shoveled the field with the help of coaches, fans, and parents alike. Everyone grabbed a shovel and slowly revealed the pitch below.

The match was 80 minutes of rucking, mauling, and tackling in cold, wet, Ireland-like conditions. There was not a girl on the pitch who did not leave the field worried that her frostbitten toes would never gain feeling again (personally my big toe still is tingling ominously). The Colgate women ruggers played with a spirit unmatched by any other game this season. An easy penalty kick in the second half put UVM up 0-3, and the score remained unchanged for the remainder of the match.

This humble commentator congratulates her teammates for their incredible hard-work this season and dedication to this crazy game that we love so much. A huge thank you to our Coach Anne-Marie for all of your support and time that you give to this team–we couldn’t do it without you!!!! Also thank you to the Men’s Rugby Coach, David Chapman for donating his time to our team for the last two weeks. Your expert knowledge and skill of the game was invaluable and we have no doubt that your coaching helped make it such an unbelievably close game. We are so glad you got bored :). Thank you also to Vicky, our new trainer for wrapping our broken bodies and providing unlimited ice and insight to our team. Thank you to Christina for her incredible support of our program and all the remarkable work she does to promote the seriousness and dedication we all have towards rugby at Colgate. And most of all, thank you to my team. This semester has been so memorable to so many of us. From the high after the Hamilton win to the low of the loss this weekend–the scrummies have made me tougher, my lineys have made sharper–and this team has grown and bonded in a way that none of us could have anticipated.

With you on and off the field, RIL

~Kate Hardock